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Get Your Org Charts For Sales into salesforce.com....super FAST

Posted by Eric Apps

Jan 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM



In a few past blogs we've talked about sales - the teams, the tools, the challenges.  About how having a more structured sales process can give sales and account management teams a better shot at closing more business, faster, through better alignment with the organizations of your customers.  
As the saying goes, "always be closing".

If you are selling to business, however, a necessary prerequisite to closing involves the process of understanding and mapping out the organization, the people that you are dealing with, and the roles they perform. 

Organimi, our cloud based org charts platform, is ideal for creating org charts for sales.  In today's blog, we show in a few simple steps, using the popular Salesforce CRM platform, how you can integrate the Organimi org charts your sales reps create, into the Accounts tab in Salesforce.... in less then 10 minutes! No hey problema!
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Can Org Charts Really Help Your Sales Team Close More Business?

Posted by Eric Apps

Aug 27, 2015 6:51:02 AM

In past blogs we've written about sales organizations, the sales process and using org chart design tools like Organimi to help organize and optimize your sales processes.  This was one of the reasons we introduced our Planner Version of Organimi with our Version 4 release this summer....specifically for sales and client service reps who cover many accounts, and want to focus on the key stakeholders in each of their accounts, without needing all of the "down to the ground" details of the organizational structure.

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The ABCs of Org Charts For Sales Reps: Always Be Charting

Posted by Eric Apps

Jun 23, 2014 10:32:41 PM

Today's blog talks about how marketers, field sales, account managers and client service teams can all use Organimi org charts as a tool to get to know your business clients and prospects better.  

The results?  Better account understanding, stronger relationships with more engaged personnel at the organizations on the other end of the conversation, and better business opportunities, for everyone.  

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